Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just in Case...Always around the Corner

Whenever i pack to go somewhere, I always think to myself, "I suppose I'll bring this...just in case." It's the same everywhere I go, there's this nagging Just-In-Case monkey hanging on my back. When I buy something, I think, "Just in case..." When I am hesitant on tossing or giving something away, I think, "Just in case..."

How often do we think, "I'm glad I saved that?" If you're anything like me, it happens once in a while, but what if we compare it to all the times we think, "just in case?" Chances are there's a lot of things you have and a very few things you end up using.

Taking an neutral perspective on things, we seem to have more things than we actually need. The thing about being minimalist is that you must be ruthless. The cost of clutter, being disorganized, and things taking up space simply do not outweigh the benefits these rare occurrences in which you might need this one item.

Isn't the cost of buying something that you will probably use once or twice (and it'd be cheaper and more environmental if you bought it used!) worth the amount of space it would free up in your life? that's just one less thing to worry about.

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