Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being in the moment

For the past few days, my mind has been distracted: I can't concentrate and my thoughts keep running around in circles in my mind. With all the stresses and occurrences in our lives, it is easy to be jumping around, chasing any endless number of agendas.

The solution is both simply, yet difficult: be in the moment.

With our american society, we are groomed to be working forward, planning, thinking about tomorrow, moving from project to project. It can get a little overwhelming.

What's more is that this splintered mentality will distract you to the point where it adversely affects your work. Have you ever tried typing while having a conversation? It's terrible.

What I suggest is that we take the time to really be conscious of what we are doing at the present moment.

The action is simply, but it takes practice. As with all things, "being in the moment" gets easier as you continue with it.

For me, the easier way try it is through chores or routines. By doing some menial task, it gives your mind the ability to drift. The goal of this exercise is to stay in the moment. Focus on your breath, the motions, movement. Really immerse yourself in the action. Notice what's around you and what your body is doing. As you stay in the now, it gets easier and easier.

From there, you can move to larger project. For me, I noticed that my finished work would be of higher quality. Not only did I have better quality work, I felt more at ease and less pressured and stressed. The key is not scrambling for the next thing, yet also not sitting around or moving slowly. Move with the flow of your energy.

Quiet your mind. Focus on the present. See the results.

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